Seismograf · leon clowes: Secrets Keep Us Sick but Pop Music Brings Us Closer
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Nan Kids on BBC Sounds: Link to listen here

take me with your AIDS gun

pierce me and deflate me


didn’t know that that was what people did

SECRETS: The Last Five Days of Sandra

Produced by Britten Pears Arts at a Snape residency, supported by PRS Foundation. The SECRETS performance installation was a collaboration with Andrea Edwards, Kelly O'Brien and Gerry McNee (Itchy Ear).

secrets keep us SICK

Nan Kids - Alicia, Leon, Adèle - lags an

Photographs of leon above, and Nan Kids Alicia, leon and Adéle below, by Ilmé Vyšniauskaité

Leon Clowes, June 2022, portrait by Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė.jpg


Drake Music Scotland/PRS Foundation/NMC Recordings Autumn/Spring Cardiff concert and CD release of commission for pianist Siwan Rhys

Woodbridge Ambient Festival 23-25 Sep Something of a Queer Nature installation

Open School East 22-25 June No Turning Back in group Associate Artist exhibition

WORM Rotterdam 12-25 June Alternative & chosen families group exhibition

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