Leon Clowes is a transdisciplinary artist interrogating distance of memory and the space of sounds and words.

Using autoethnography, self-compassion and Brechtian techniques, 

Leon's creative practice is informed by lived trauma.

Portraiture by Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė (www.ilmevysnia.com)

Nan Kids - Alicia, Leon, Adèle - lags an

Recent + Upcoming

The Last Five Days of Sandra – work-in-progress commissioned by QUEEF Experimental (Birmingham, UK) (Nov 2021); development residency with Britten-Pears Arts (Suffolk) (Feb 2022)

Nan Kids – piloted at Deptford X Festival (July 2021); commissioned by SPILL Festival (Ipswich) (Oct 2021); Sound and Music Creative Seed Award winner; funded through an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant

The Avant Garden Drop-In Centre @ Round Chapel, Hackney – audio collage of 20 artists (UK, Mar 2021)

The Avant Garden on Ice – audio collage of 14 artists, Reel Rebels Radio (UK, Jan 2021); Kaamos/Datscha Radio (Finland/Germany, Feb 2021)

Nine Sound Works Made Over Nine Days In November – Reel Rebels Radio (Nov 2020); Orbit Instagram Artist-in-Residence (Jan 2021)

Days of Future Past – Reel Rebels Radio (Apr 2020); Transmission Gallery and Queer Contemporaries exhibitions (Sep 2020); CCA Glasgow’s Radiophrenia Festival (Nov 2020); #WIP exhibition by Queer Art Projects (Oct 2020 – Jan 2021); Squish.Rotterdam (2021)



Audio trailer for upcoming trauma trilogy.



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Clowes, L. (2017) How can you sing a song if you have no voice? Disabled musicians, activism, technology and the authenticity of creativity. Riffsjournal.org [Online].