Disquiet, Still


collaboration with Fiona Helen Ledger

Pulp Non-Fiction

Pulping five years of fundraising bids, we make paper mâché and look to creative futures. This project was a creative skills exchange funded through a Disability Arts Online Covid Commission 2021.


21 artists, 4 days, 2 buildings

With thanks to Hackney Historic Buildings Trust for donating the use of their venues, Round Chapel and St. Augustine's Tower


Jane (with the Big Brown Eyes)

A song I wrote when I was 17.


an audacious remix of Mean Flow



Broadcast on www.reelrebelsradio.com on Monday 18th January 2021.

Image taken at Caldon Canal in Denford, courtesy of Suzanne Mellor.

Leon Clowes - Introduction
Anni Hogan - ICEFALL
Matt Hulse - Ribbon of Dreams
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Snow Day
Leon Clowes - Do you remember pt 1
Anni Hogan with Gerry McNee - Blizzard
Amanda Brannin - small sleep
Jude Stewart - extract from Moomintroll Midwinter Chapter 3, The Great Cold from
Anni Hogan - Mountain Suite Part 2
Anni & Itchy - ICEBREAKER
Leon Clowes - Do you remember pt 2
Jo-Anne Cox - Ice Painting for Leon
Amanda Brannin - im not trying to tell you anything
jacques-andré - Février
Rachelle Romeo - 9 Years
Anni Hogan, Simon Fisher Turner and Gerry McNee - Strange Beauty Part 2
Leon Clowes - Do you remember pt 3
Tom Rain - Book of Regrets
Anni Hogan - ICEFLOWS


Damian's Deviants

Somethings won't erase


Put The Needle On It 42 Times

Musique Concrète inspired by astrology and Dannii Minogue for the vinyl-themed ‘Stylus Discotheque’ compilation from The Institute of Alien Research.

Vinyl is the ultimate question. Put the needle on the beginning of 42 LPs. Enhance by the power of 3, 6 and 9. Important figures in this Cancerian's birth chart. Science, the astrological kind. Made from the crackles on vinyl LPs before the music begins.