Nine Sound Works Made Over Nine Days In November

First broadcast on Reel Rebels Radio on Monday 16th November 2020, this is a series of 9 x 9-minute pieces I created over a 9 day period (08.11.2020-16.11.2020). They're made up of field recordings, improvised music, found sounds, YouTubers, pop music, 90s 4-track demos and plenty of Audacity.


Did Malcolm Use Tongues?

sound-word portrait of Matt Hulse

Ahead of the October 2020 premiere of his latest feature, artist filmmaker Matt Hulse met with me at Reel Rebels Radio. I'm developing this concept of 'sound-word portraits' and Matt kindly agreed to take part. Responding to questions posed that arose for me from his new film, this be the result. Matt's film, SOUND FOR THE FUTURE premieres at BFI London Film Festival this Saturday October 10th at 20:30h and you can watch the trailer via this link.




Damian's Deviants

Somethings won't erase

Using audio cassettes where I'd recorded music off the radio in the mid 1980s and blend three things I've never found recordings of since: Gershwin's funeral march (from Radio 4 maybe?), Richard Rodney Bennett's Siesta (arrange for piano and theremin I think) and the Brylcreem TV ad. Overlayed on this are the annoying bits where the radio presenters talk over the music. Presumably to stop people like me making pirate recordings. These were bits I couldn't/wouldn't erase as I wanted the whole track (often live sessions).


Put The Needle On It 42 Times

Musique Concrète inspired by astrology and Dannii Minogue for the vinyl-themed ‘Stylus Discotheque’ compilation from The Institute of Alien Research.

Vinyl is the ultimate question. Put the needle on the beginning of 42 LPs. Enhance by the power of 3, 6 and 9. Important figures in this Cancerian's birth chart. Science, the astrological kind. Made from the crackles on vinyl LPs before the music begins.


Leon Clowes