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Empirical Evidence of the Existence of Angels

Project type

Music album with watercolour and text installation


December and March 2024, March 2022


Naviar Records / Amoenus / Bath House Hackney (London), UCA Galleries (Canterbury), Brewery Tap (Folkestone), SET Lewisham Gallery (London)

In early addiction recovery, over a period of 11 days and 11 hours, I observed my thoughts every time I saw an angel feather. I collected each feather that appeared, noting the time and place of the feather and its attendant thought. These then became 11 canvasses with watercolour feathers and ink texts.

Returning to these images in 2024, and from an immersive pilot at the inaugral Queercall Festival in March, this record of mind observations will become an animation for gallery installation and album of instrumental pieces composed from recordings of real and electronically stimulated birdsong, an alto voice, violin, piano and recorder.

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