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Nan Kids

Project Type

Audio performance installations


May 2022, October and June 2021


Wandsworth Arts Fringe (London), Ipswish Art Gallery (Suffolk), Deptford X (London)


by Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė, Guido Mencari (for SPILL Festival) and Andrew Clark.

'I don't think it was hidden from me, but I don't think I actually knew, and I don't think anyone had formally told me.'

Co-created from interviewing 11 other adults who were also raised by their grandparents, these sound-word portraits reveal the hidden world of being raised in kinship care. This is the often informal fostering of other family members or friends when the birthparents are not able to raise their children.

Funded through awards and bursaries from Sound and Music, and SPILL, Deptford X and Wandsworth Fringe festivals, Nan Kids was featured on BBC1 News and a podcast was made for the BBC Sounds website.

Nan Kids took the forms of live storytelling in Ipswich Art Gallery, a churchyard, libraries and pub beer garden, and audio versions were developed for online and installation settings at the arts festivals

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