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The Last Five Days Of Sandra

Project Type

Film and performance installation


May 2024, December, October and February 2022


BLOC Cinema (London), Contact (Manchester), Cafe Oto (London), Snape (Suffolk)


by David Laskowski (for Naviar Haiku Fest at Cafe Oto) and Patrick Young and Livvid (for Britten Pears Arts at Snape)

I was 43 before I knew half of me
I was 43 before I knew what I was to be
I was 43 before I knew what made me
Finding out what I did at 43 was very nearly the end
and very much the start of me

This three film two person 28 minute performance was based on the final days of my mother's life when she found the courage to tell me who my father was.

Through a Britten Pears residency at Snape, a film and performance piece was created with artist Kelly O'Brien, performer Andy Edwards and musician/sound designer Gerry McNee (aka Itchy Ear). Different aspects of this artwork have been presented at Frieze Art Fair, Cafe Oto and at Contact Theatre in Manchester.

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