Seismograf · leon clowes: Secrets Keep Us Sick but Pop Music Brings Us Closer
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Project Type

Audio-visual installation and interactive performance


June 2024, June 2023


Ugly Duck (London), Open School East (Margate)


by Ollie Harrop / @ollieharrop

In healing and of hurting, I repress because I repeat, and forget because I repeat, as, when days of future past are present, it is secrets that make us sick. Shame only dies on exposure.

Since entering recovery from addictions in 2018, rituals and repetition of daily and creative routines have been central in situating the self.

"nesting", initially a music film installation for the Maggie Matic-curated Open School East exhibition "We Danced Until There Was Nothing Left". The installation was informed by the theatre company Vita Nova's play of the same name, and Florence Wetzel's horror story "The Room". It refers to the point reached where a person in active addiction isolates themselves from the outside world and they surround themselves with the source of their addiction.

The original film was made in a domestic setting in Margate, with art direction assistance by artist zack mennell. The music was composed using fragments of recordings made with violinist Louise Walters, some of this music originating from a Margate Pride / Crate Space Arts Council England-funded residency.

"nesting" was selected for the 2024 "Elevenses" exhibition at Ugly Duck, London, curated by Five Fold.

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