Seismograf · leon clowes: Secrets Keep Us Sick but Pop Music Brings Us Closer
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SHAMES: looking never hurt

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October, September and June 2022


Sound and Music / British Music Collection / LGLTQ+ Music Study Group commission (London), Tethered Publics exhibition (London), Exploding Cinema (London)

In prying into the entrenched self loathing that rewired so many of us gays growing up in the time of AIDS, I revisited electro pop songs I wrote under the monicker of Damian's Deviants in the late 1980s / early 1990s.

These never-heard-before bedroom demo tapes are an archive of the lived experience of societal shaming that took place in schools, pulpits, the media and the authorities in response to the moral hysteria that warped mine, and so many of my gay male contemporaries.

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