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LGBTQ+ Positive Voices

I'm delighted to have a piano piece ('Andrew') included in the new online exhibition: LGBTQ+ Positive Voices which can be found and explored here:

Congratulations to Ash G Green for bringing together so many talented and diverse international artists. The creators in this exhibition are Ana Iribas Rudín; AnimaeNoctis (Silvia Marcantoni Taddei & Massimo Sannelli); April Winter; ​Bryony Mair; ​Caren Jo Shapiro; ​Charmaine Chapman; ​Ethan Moss; ​Frankie; ​Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM); ​Giridhar Raghunathan; ​Guillermo “Wildo” Zayas IV; ​Jeremy Martin; Anonymous; Konrad Natthagel; Kryštof Novotný; Leon Clowes; Linhtropy; Naomi; Paty Rodríguez; Poppy Ash; Rik Versteeg; Robin Swift; Rufus Isabel Elliot; Salome Zhvania; Stefani J Alvarez; Terry Gregoraschuk.

Take a look!

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