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'We Had Seen A Rainbow On A Day Out' is a one minute extract an early draft where I'm layering three separate recallings of the same story with the interviewee, Adele Drake. In this clip she's starting to tell the story of when her Great Aunt told her the news of Adele's mother passing away. As I develop this and build on this layering technique I am aiming to mine how our memories take on a different meaning each time we mine our personal recollections.

'Somethings won't erase' was made in June 2020. I took old audio cassettes where I'd recorded music off the radio in the mid 1980s and blend three things I've never found recordings of since: Gershwin's funeral march (from Radio 4 maybe?), Richard Rodney Bennett's Siesta (arrange for piano and theremin I think) and the Brylcreem TV ad. Overlayed on this are the annoying bits where the radio presenters talk over the music. Presumably to stop people like me making pirate recordings. These were bits I couldn't/wouldn't erase as I wanted the whole track (often live sessions).

Cartomancy, Ritual, Chaos, Concrete and the number 9. 'Alchemy Is Experimental'

Before lockdown, nearing the age of 50, I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. I had to reduce my sugar consumption and had to get fit. So I did. Every day for eight weeks, I have obeyed MyFitnessPal, PE with Joe and Yoga With Adriene. When Adriene commands her YouTube followers to 'Continue to breathe' we put our breath at the centre and at the heart of our existence. In 'Continue to Breathe' I triple HIIT, breathe together in yoga, and cyclists and runners swoop past in Regents Park in London. We Sweat, Observe, Expunge. Numerology is playing an increasingly important and obsessive part.

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