Seismograf · leon clowes: Secrets Keep Us Sick but Pop Music Brings Us Closer
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Made in Margate and 1 year in 1 minute

I've just completed a Margate Pride / Crate Space and Time residency which was an amazing opportunity of uninterrupted time to develop my practice. Here's a music video I made there:

2022 has been a game changing year for me, and you can hear it all summarised in one minute:

Here's a summary of the audio clip above, with five seconds from each month:

00:00 January, I made a film with the Grove Park Library community for Day One of Lewisham being The Mayor’s Borough of Culture

00:05 February, Britten Pears Arts gave me, Andrea Edwards, Kelly O’Brien and Gerry McNee the Jerwood Kiln Space in Snape and we created the ‘SECRETS:The Last Five Days of Sandra’ performance installation

00:10 March, with Emma Bettine Hewitt, at SET Lewisham Gallery we put on a joint exhibition: ‘Recovery: Shadows and Light’

00:15 April, having completed EBC’s Night School, and having been awarded a scholarship to start a 3-year practice research PhD at London College of Music (University of West London), I created an animation ‘Secrets keep us sick’ in response to finally being given full access to my adoption papers (at the age of 52)

00:20 May, with the gentle and kind mentoring of Jan Pulsford via the Help Musicians UK Co-Pilot scheme, I started to write new music again

00:25 June, I completed my Nan Kids project as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe, started responding to the Disquiet Junto weekly prompts and was a LGBTQ+ Composers Call winner, selected by Sound and Music and LGBTQ+ Music Study Group

00:30 July, I started composing music in response to the Naviar Records weekly haiku prompts

00:35 August, QUEEF Experimental took my queer trauma comedy film ‘SHAMES: Looking Never Hurt’ to Supernormal festival

00:40 September, I began at Open School East as an Associate Artist and played my first music gig in about 25 years at Woodbridge Ambient Festival

00:45 October, I performed the story about my mother telling me who my father was on her deathbed at Emergency 22 in Contact Theatre and Frieze Art Fair

00:50 November, my lo-fi film ‘SHAMES: Looking Never Hurt’ had it’s London premiere at the Exploding Cinema

00:55 December, I played Cafe Oto at the Naviar Haiku Fest and was given an Arts Council England supported Space and Time residency at Crate Space Margate via Margate Pride.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me - Happy New Year!

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